Healthy and nutritious meals for your child, with the same care you provide at home

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Our Mission
Offer the solution in school food services with safety, agility and quality. Meet and exceed the expectations of parents and children, and strengthen the commitment between the School and the Company.

What parents say


Could you please share the recipe for guacamole? The other day I did it at home and I heard that “yours is not the same as the school one”.


Yesterday my son ate the cinnamon stick and he really liked it, I would like to know how it is made please.


Sofia loves your beans, I have the hardest time getting her to eat at home. Could you give me the recipe for how it is prepared and what brand of beans you use?


Yesterday Gui repeated lunch. I asked him, and he said it was very tasty, he said, Mom, I love it when it's that chicken, it's very tasty. Can you tell me how this chicken is made?


I would like to know if you can give me the recipe for the waffle you sell at the canteen, my daughter loves your waffle, she even asked to buy a machine, but I'm not getting the recipe right and she asks me to make it from FDS...


You guys are successful here at home, my kids love it! At the events that take place at school, we always make a point of trying our children's favorite items. In fact it's delicious, everything is always fresh and tasty!


The meals served by Nutribear are balanced and very well prepared. As parents, we are reassured because we know that our daughter is receiving the best food. She has a stomach problem, so she always eats lunch at Nutribear, it's as if she were eating a meal prepared at our house. Thank you, Nutribear.


Meus filhos adoram fazer suas refeições na escola. Isso me deixa muito tranquila, pois sei que estão se alimentando de forma adequada, com um cardápio variado e de excelente qualidade.

M. B. O.

“My son loves Nutribear's food, I've had to contact them before to get some recipes to make during Lucas' school breaks.”

T. F.

“My kids love eating with Nutribear. The food is always fresh and varied for both snacks and lunch. My middle child had a severe selective eating disorder, and with the help of the team, I started trying new foods, and now eats a healthier and more varied diet. Thank you so much to the whole team!”

K. F. D. S.

"At first I was resistant to having my daughter eat Nutribear’s meals, but then I realized I was always sending her the same snacks. I looked at the menu and saw that Laura could try new flavors. I tried it, liked it, and regret not doing this sooner."

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